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Low Balling with Joe's Joseph Hansen Seeks Solitude for Spooktacular New Book!

Attention, Wyrdlings! Joseph Hansen has taken a sabbatical to focus on writing, temporarily stepping away from his shows, "Low Balling with Joe" and "Write with Me." Rest assured, this is not a farewell but a focused retreat. Joseph is diligently working on his next literary masterpiece, which promises to be a hauntingly good read (or listen, depending on your preference).

To deliver this chilling creation as swiftly as possible, Joseph requires solitude, metaphorically speaking. (We wouldn't want any pesky spirits interrupting his creative process!)

During Joseph's absence, Wyrd Realities will continue to be your premier destination for all things strange and unsettling. So, curl up with a good horror novel, and keep those goosebumps alive. Joseph will return soon with a new story guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. In the meantime, established authors, feel free to send your inquiries our way. We might have the perfect platform to showcase your next literary nightmare.

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