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Meet our WYRD Partners

Bringing creators and curious people together, WYRDRealities Network collaborates with like-minded individuals. As a community, we aim to facilitate the growth of those who enjoy exploring the unknown, expanding their minds, and seeking new truths.  It is our belief that laughter, learning, and storytelling are the keys to achieving this.


We welcome all open-minded individuals and curious souls, whether you're an artist, author, or healer. For additional information click here.

We appreciate the support and collaboration with our WYRD partners! 

Celestial magic paper 11.jpg

Metaphysical Mississippi is a clearinghouse for all things metaphysical in the state of Mississippi.  In addition to our Calendar of Events and Directory of Metaphysical Businesses and Services, we meet monthly in the Jackson metro area for networking and support.


Best-selling author, Sylvester Barzey does a few podcasts about movies, writing, and geekery.


Funder Games Studios Creative Lead, Paul Cousins  is the lead creator of DEAD FURY - A zombie third person shooter game, set in New Zealand.

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Stephen Landry is a 32 year old illustrator and writer living in Nashville, TN with his fiancee, two rescue dogs, and cat. The majority of his work is character-driven science fiction (space opera with elements of fantasy, horror, and time travel) and LitRPGs. He has also worked as a graphic designer for other authors, publishers, independent film studios, and video game companies.

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Christian Bentulan provides custom print and e-book cover design for indie authors, self-publishers, and small presses. 

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Founder of Nite Callers Production and host of Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio, Lauren Smith is involved in a number of ongoing projects. To learn more about all the projects she's working on, visit the Nite Callers website.

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