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I have to admit , The title drew me in. This is an odd movie. Comedy/wrasslin’/zombies all in one bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Really no plot but two almost washed up wrestling brothers fighting other wrestlers and fans that are infected by a super steroid from China? An eclectic cast featuring UFC greats Randy Couture ,Baz Rutten and 80’s actor DB Sweeney (Ice Castles, Gardens of Stone) and Adrian Pasdar ( Near Dark). Directed by a guy with the coolest name ever ( Max Martini) this movie has it moments including a guy running around in what appears to be a turd customer. A lot of humor, not enough zombies. FX weren’t bad for a movie like this. The guys playing the Manson brothers are good. Oh yeah there’s and there’s a midget too. 3/5 my opinion and you know….

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