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The cure for insomnia….

Never been.. a Ben Affleck fan, I do like his insurance ads…anyway, this 2023 flick looked interesting so I gave it a look-see. The story revolves around Affleck as a Texas detective dealing with the abduction of his daughter. Theres a bad guy whose some kind of instant hypnotist ( William Fitchner, Armageddon, Black Hawk Down) who doesn’t give a crap who he kills but may know where Bennifers daughter is. There’s another hypnotist ( Alice Braga, Predators,I Am Legend) who may know why the bad guys doing what he’s doing. (Jackie Earle Haley, Bad News Bears, Nightmare on Elm Street) is wasted as he shows up for a couple minutes as the head of a shadowy government agency. There are a few twist that you may see coming, well, you’ll probably see them coming. I was excited to see Robert Rodriguez ( Desperado, Grindhouse) wrote and directed this but that faded faster than a spray tan. This movie reminded me of Bens 2002 movie Paycheck but not as good. I was disappointed in this flick and Affleck’s acting in this can be summed up in that meme where he looks like ‘not this shit again’ and holding a cigarette. 2/5 that’s my opinion and we’ll, you know what they say….Streaming on PPV

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