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Rewatched this the other night. Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Chris Pine , Andy Garcia, Alicia Keys and Ben Lopez..I mean Affleck are just some of the big names in this lead spitting ,mile a minute thriller. A bunch of hit men and women and Feds find themselves trying to capture or kill Jeremy Piven ( excellent as a skeezy Vegas Entertainer) at a big hotel in Tahoe. Plot twist and turns and nobody is safe. Reynolds actually does some decent acting in this and isn’t his usual wisecracking hero. Directed and written by Joe Carnahan ( ATeam, Cop Shop) this movie is one of my rewatch favorites. Look for a great cameo by Jason Bateman and Curtis (Booger) Armstrong as smarmy lawyers. There’s a lot of cameos in this too. 4/5 . That’s my opinion and you know what they say….

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