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So the wife was under the weather a while back and we were looking for some mindless action flicks to pass the down time. We stumbled on this Bruce Willis trilogy that was PPV at the time. Think we dropped 20 bucks on all 3. Well, I should have wiped my butt with the Jackson and have gotten better use of it. This turd fest follows Detective Knight (Willis) on two related cases and a third turd that makes no sense, not like any of these do anyway. Oh and fun fact, they are all holiday themed . The weapons are handled like a teenager trying their first go round at heavy petting in the back of a Volkswagon Beetle. Lochkyn Monroe ( his best role was in Scary Movie) is dragged through all three of these celluloid monstrosities. Oh yeah Val Kilmers kid shows up as the villain in the turd I mean third movie and proves talent isn’t hereditary. All in all this burning dumpster of crap gets a 0/5. I want my twenty bucks back but I’m afraid poor Andrew Jackson is still smeared with the doo doo of this cinematic dookey drop. That’s my opinion and..well.. you know… (I sacrifice for you y’all)

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