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Body fluids galore!

I missed this when it first came out. Wear a rain coat, this flick is non stop deluge of alien monster splooge and other bodily fluids. It’s an insane siege movie, people trapped in a dive bar fighting a family of very hungry, slimy creatures ,with both funny and over the top horrific moments. Not one for the kiddies but if you like great practical FX , like I do, this one is chock full of them. Yes Douglas Fertig there is some skin. Not for the easily nauseated . Also there’s an angry, severed monster sex organ that makes an appearance. There’s more body fluids in this movie than a John Holmes film festival. I know there’s a couple of sequels out there too. And don’t get attached to any of the characters, everyone is a hot lunch for these monsters. I advise you not to eat your Swansons tv dinners while watching this one. 3/5 that’s my opinion. Streaming on Tubi and Freevee…

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