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The Chronicles of Paul - Book II Coming this Fall!

Wyrd Realities News

Aug 15, 2022

A Nurse Alissa Spin-Off

No one said the end of the world would be easy, especially when your former lover is lost in the middle of it.
Paul Madison is on a business trip to Pittsburgh when the zombie outbreak erupts. As the living dead fill the streets, he abandons the idea of sheltering in place and attempts a six-hundred-mile trek to his fully stocked cabin in the New Hampshire mountains. Part of his reasoning to head north is his concern for his former wife Alissa, who is a nurse at Mass General Hospital in Boston.
Though Paul expected the journey to be dangerous, he had no idea of the nightmares he would encounter. Will he make it to his mountain cabin before society collapses around him? Will the strangers he encounters along the way be more of a liability than an asset? Will he find out what happened to Alissa?
Follow Paul on his adventure in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

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