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How Can the Metaphysical Help You Tap Into Your Creative Spooky Side or Limitless Imagination?

Metaphysical Mississippi

Oct 30, 2022

Interview: Hadley Thorne Gives Us a Peek into Wyrd Realities and Tapestry of Worlds

Hadley Thorne is a Mississippi based author and podcaster. She shares with hosts Krista Tew and Emily Hester about her metaphysical experiences, her Tapestry of Worlds book series and her Wyrd Realities podcast. Tapestry of Worlds: Part One – The White Raven Awakens and Tapestry of Worlds, Part II: Running and Gunning are both available on Amazon. Check out Wryd Realitities’ new season on November 1st.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/VabFC2VK7EM