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D.M. Muga

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Wyrd Realities is an awesome group of folks and an amazing place to be able to call a home, with many different talents and is also an excellent outlet and motivator to always strive to be better. As for storytelling, it is more than a skill or a talent… it’s a calling. Truth be told, I have been telling stories and writing since I was a child. Most of the stories I wrote, I ended up burning in old journals so that no one else would read them. After growing up, my stories developed into pieces of me that I could no longer just put to the wayside. Over time, I began to build upon my skills and hone my craft in storytelling and writing. Looking forward, I plan to write in varying genres, and I am currently writing within the Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalyptic genres. 

I am a newcomer to Wyrd Realities and also as a published author, having three self-published books, with the first one having been published in 2020. Nonetheless, I have a good amount of experience in varying aspects of life. I am a family man, a USMC Veteran, as well as a survival enthusiast, who worked in a factory setting for years while attending college, and now I teach high school history classes. All of these factors molded me into the storyteller that I am today… and a massive amount of research. Whereas I am still working on my skills and craft as an author and storyteller, I will continue to write my stories for you, which is the only reason to be a storyteller… the readers and listeners. Storytellers without readers and listeners would make for overly tragic stories and a pitiful world, worse than any post-apocalyptic or dystopian future that I could conjure up and put pen to paper. 

If you haven’t already, check out my first series, The Radius. My work is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible. Enjoy, and leave a review if you feel so inclined. I hope that you all enjoy my storytelling. 

                                                                         -D.M. MUGA-

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