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A Note From Joe

I was asked today, what does the PodCast Lowballing, means to me, I didn’t realize at the time how tricky of a question that was, let me try to explain, but in order to do that, you will have to gain a perspective of who I am. I am not the current of a river, bringing everything with me down a predetermined path. Nor am I the leaf that floats upon the rivers surface, an eternal victim to the whiles of the current. I am the cricket upon that leaf whose last paddle just broke as I strive toward the opposite bank in hope of finding something different upon that shore. Not that the side I left behind was so bad, but more because there is more, therefore I must have more. I look at the half-built wood shop in my backyard as my wife of 39 years fills hummingbird feeders and waters the flowers and I wonder, could anything ever be enough? Would you sacrifice what you already have in order to get more? A tangent we will not traverse tonight.

When asked to do the show, it meant nothing other than the good feeling of somebody thinking that I might be worthwhile enough to do something like this. I went into the first show with four buddies and a pocket full of jokes. We would have received a lot of hate mail if we would have ever released that show with me, Allen Gamboa, WJ Lundy and JL Bourne. It was after that fiasco that I got an inkling of what I might be able to do with a podcast, especially with my buddy Allen helping me out. This was when the seed for my mission was planted, later conversations honed the idea to more of an edge, but like all good steel it must be heated and pounded out into something more until you get your finished product.

I want to show people that no matter how good a writer is, we all started in the same place, someone who wanted to tell a story. What sets them apart is how they have dedicated themselves to their craft, the craft of entertaining people. The money is nice, but there isn’t a single author out there who didn’t write their first novel never expecting to make a dime. There isn’t a single one of us that hasn’t sat back, read their work and said, holy crap, that really stinks, then we fix it. There isn’t a single one of us that didn’t have the fears of self-doubt, and lacked the confidence to go through with a certain this or that.

So, Lowballing has become a mission of sorts. I want to help people who are trying to put a novel together. I can help with the process, give you ideas as to what some of the successful authors have gone through and possibly even do some small critiques of your work, be very careful with this one, I am a traditionalist who doesn’t pull punches. Damn, where’s that winky face button. The name Lowballing come from wherever you want it to come from and it means whatever you want it to mean, its message is, you can do this.

Sincerely, Joseph Hansen, (My peeps call me Joe.)

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