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D.L. Martone

D.L. Martone is the joint pen name of husband-wife duo Daniel and Laura Martone. Together, they enjoy writing space opera, LitRPG GameLit, urban fantasy, cozy mysteries, and post-apocalyptic zombie tales.

Laura is a New Orleans native and Northwestern University grad (with dual film and literature degrees), who has spent much of her professional life as a travel writer. She’s penned magazine articles as well as various guidebooks, including MOON NEW ORLEANS, and with her husband, Daniel, she’s also run a few film festivals, created two audio tours, written several screenplays, and authored many sci-fi and fantasy novels. When not in the Big Easy, she and Daniel (plus their beloved kitty, Ruby Azazel) can be found either in northern Michigan or roaming the byways of America in their FIREFLY-inspired, mobile writing studio, SERENITY.

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D.L. Martone Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter campaigns make ideas into reality. Find out how you can support Martone's new visions for their creative work and lend your support to make them manifest. 

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The tale of an average Joe in a post-apoc world. Out of shape, a bit misanthropic, and carrying his cat. Rick Grimes he ain’t.

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Make 100 short-story collections about a sassy, zombie-killing cat. Plus a limited run of the ZOMBIE CATS OF NEW ORLEANS tarot deck.

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  • Do you love ghost stories?

  • Do vampires intrigue you?

  • Are you curious about New Orleans and her haunted past?

  • If so, then our project – The Dark Side of New Orleans – is right up your alley

An exclusive pair of spooky, self-guided tours created by two Big Easy storytellers. In ebook, print, and audio. Enjoyable anywhere!

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