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Expedition Blood, a Tale from the Wyrd

What is your ideal two-month vacation?

Basking on the sunny beaches of the Riviera? Exploring the tropical islands of the South Pacific? Strolling through ancient Mayan ruins in Latin America? These are the locations that dreams are made of. Only the wealthiest people in the world can afford such ventures, and only the best travel agents can arrange them.

Athanasia Vulpe knows better than most the work required to set up such an event. As founder of Expedition Blood Travel, she has arranged many trips for her clientele. However, rather than exploring the chateaus along the Loire River Valley, her patrons prefer to spend two months in a region in the northern hemisphere known as the Alaskan Triangle. The triangle is a cold, barren swath of land stretching from Barrow on the state’s northernmost point, south through the Yukon to Juneau, and west to Anchorage. 

The locals call this region the Devil’s Graveyard. Planes and ships frequently go off the radar, never be to be heard from again. Sixteen thousand people have gone missing without a trace since 1988. Every year, one person out of every 250 who lives in Alaska disappears, most in this region. It’s one of the most inhospitable locations on the planet – cold, desolate, and deadly. No sane person would enter the triangle unless they had to.

Oh, did I mention that Athanasia’s clients are vampires?

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